” Ferebee remembers a time last year when James

So we just laugh along with Ryan and Jackson, as they bicker and fight, then bond over flashbacks into their amusingly messy love lives. Both are swaggering alpha males who don't take instructions from anyone, so their interaction is feisty and funny. The supporting cast of glowering villains and secretive agents barely gets a chance to register, although Hayek nearly walks off with the movie in a riotously scene stealing turn that leaves us wanting her to get a film of her own..

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"To this day, we are still teaching the next generation of providers unisex medicine," says Jenkins, the founder and chief scientific officer of the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. "And when you look at research, beginning with animal studies, three quarters of the studies are done in male animals, even in diseases that predominantly affect women.

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