The skyline facing front of the building is

Kampl was a surprise inclusion against Freiburg having missed the last five months through injury but put in a dynamic showing for Leipzig, who dominated their opponents, recording a xG of 2.33 from their 56 attacks in the match. Kampl playing centrally but with a licence to join attacks had two efforts at goal which equated to 0.3 xG. Given he also created the goal for Poulsen, it's hard to see boss Julian Nagelsmann leaving him out..

Pretty special, Tellez said of reaching the 20 homer mark. Of those things that a lot of people dream of and work hard to do. I couldn be more grateful to be in the position I am with the organization I with and just everybody that kind of gotten me to this point.

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It's also pleasantly distracting when you get fully into the minutiae of entering each specific record. I enjoy getting lost within the tiny etched numbers on the vinyl runouts. I take pleasure in deciphering whether my copy of Blood on the Tracks was pressed in Terre Haute or Santa Maria, and what small differences distinguish them from each other.

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