“Using various social media platforms such as Facebook

My first Christmas without my family, away from home. I officially moved to Boston in June and everything was going okay up until now when I got a bit overwhelmed with the emotions. I wasn in the spirit I imagined myself in. One of the heaviest insects in the world, the giant weta is an example of island gigantism the phenomenon in which isolated species evolve to become unusually large in the absence of restraints such as predators. Giant wetas are found primarily on New Zealand's offshore islands, having been driven almost to extinction elsewhere in New Zealand by introduced mammalian predators. They are fairly tame, passive insects that resemble giant grasshoppers.

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My experience at California Lutheran University was both good and bad. I loved getting to know the other students, and had fun living with people in my age group. All the instructors I met were incredibly helpful, everyone on campus was friendly, and the school itself was absolutely beautiful, complete with a picturesque park in the center of the grounds.

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"If it's a four o'clock Sky game back home, that's 11 o'clock in the morning here. I was here for the Manchester United game a few weeks ago and we were queuing outside to get in at 7.15am. The doors were locked at 8am and if you weren't in then, you weren't getting in at all.

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Some ornithologists have suggested that these birds are prospecting for new and better nesting areas for use in future years. It is clear that these movements are hard wired in these birds as this dispersal occurs predictably. Eventually these birds do head south for the winter..

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