“Well,” I said, “I guess you have two choices, : You

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cheap nba basketball jerseys Nature's frozen carvings drift through Iceberg Alley each spring and summer.It is the iceberg size, length of journey, age (they are more than 10,000 years old), ever shifting architecture and inevitable death that draws hundreds of thousands of vacationers to Newfoundland each summer to see them. They are a star attraction right up there with whales, seabirds, lighthouses, hiking trails and the welcome you with open arms and distinct accent Newfoundlanders that drives a half billion dollar a year tourism industry.But icebergs also serve a lesser known purpose: as muse to a handful of hopers, billionaires and kooks, whose iceberg water based concoctions be they vodka, bottled water, age defying face creams, craft beer, wine and whatever they might think of next fuel an industry built upon the faith that berg water is the tip of a commercial iceberg, an imagined gateway to great riches.The industry has attracted a Saudi prince, failed politicians and former beach bums despite having just one certainty: the natural resource it relies upon disappears by September 1, only to return anew the following year, when another batch of bergs, typically 400 to 800 a season, drifts down Newfoundland coast for tourists to behold and dreamers and schemers to try to profit from.Make no mistake: it is a novelty, and people like thatSteve Bruneau, engineering professor at Memorial UniversityMoney, mind you, is not a factor in Steve Bruneau fascination with icebergs. He an engineering professor at Memorial University in St. cheap nba basketball jerseys

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