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Picking up a rock or rolling over a log in Philadelphia's woods will reveal a wild kingdom in miniature: slithering worms and scurrying centipedes, industrious ants and lumbering slugs. You stand a good chance of spotting the red backed salamander, a diminutive predator with cartoon cute black eyes. About half actually have the expected dark red backs, but they also come in a sparkly gray color.

Louis."At that time I didn't [see weapons in the crowd at the McCloskey home] but afterwards I did see one gun once everyone made it to the mayor's house. I saw at least one person with a semi automatic rifle," he said. "That's not super out of the ordinary for the protests here.

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Their purpose is to condemn cultural norms, tear down existing orders and transform society.It all starts with Marx. Between the two world wars, scholars at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt began to investigate why Marxism was failing to catch on in the West. They broadened Marx tight focus on economic oppression of the working class and developed the doctrine known as Critical Theory, which is premised on the ideas that power and oppression define relationships throughout society, that knowledge is socially contingent, and that unjust Western institutions should be collapsed and reconstituted.

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What will the future hold? Researchers like Ali are trying to find out, by looking deep into the past. The work has been going on for years, involving many researchers from Lamont and elsewhere, including Ali's advisor, Sidney Hemming, her husband Gary Hemming and her former student, Susan Zimmerman. Former Lamont researcher Scott Stine has been digging into Mono Lake's past for more than three decades.