Holmes was aided in his presentation by several

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Joan Marie is saying this, Mira makes an announcement. Right, people. Are we ready? The door opens in two minutes. "This is a way we can spend time together outside," she said. "It's something new. I like sports, and it's fun. In 1966 67, however, three events occurred which made the Bruins' 17 43 10 record a little easier to bear. In june, 1966, a youngster named Bobby Orr was signed to his first Bruins contract and in the ensuing season won the Calder Trophy and a Second Team All Star berth. The second event was the promotion of Harry Sinden to coach of the team after serving as coach for Boston's minor league affiliates since 1961.

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Linden watch: Vancouver's Trevor Linden hasn't asked to be traded, as reported by TSN in Canada, but he has to have a pretty good idea it's going to happen. Coach Mike Keenan has been riding Linden since he took over as the Canucks' coach in November. Linden met with Senior Vice President Steve Tambellini a week ago and said that if Keenan wanted him traded, Tambellini "shouldn't stand in the way.".

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