In all seven of the games against the Lightning win

Can you imagine going through this? I can did more for me than any other athlete. You have to understand the timing. He had his just gone through his own personal difficulty and here comes this chubby stupid reporter from Toronto, asking to stay at his house and all I trying to do is make this guy laugh..

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And no major sports league will be able to turn back now.When I was growing up, one of the great sports controversies of the era involved an NFL playoff game, a key moment in the 1979 AFC Championship, Houston at Pittsburgh, when the Oilers' Mike Renfro caught what would have been a game tying touchdown pass in the back of the end zone, but was ruled out of bounds. The officials' call was a mistake, and this was apparent during the telecast, but since instant replay couldn't be used to overturn a call on the field, the Oilers had no recourse. The Steelers won that day, and went on to win their fourth Super Bowl in six seasons.

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