With the reporting we have out of eastern Ukraine

I think it pretty fair [to draw a lesson]. With the reporting we have out of eastern Ukraine, a lot of these people who are at the center of it are well organized, but they have no army uniforms, they have no markings. They are wearing black clothes, they often have ski masks on.

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"This pandemic time is stressful for everybody, especially old people like me. But I have to say, on the other hand, I'm enjoying the people. Working with people and the support of the customers I really truly see the American spirit as a community.

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Gloves create a false sense of security and, when used improperly, can become a contaminant. I don't encourage you to wear gloves when you are at the grocery store, just WASH YOUR HANDS. I could write an entire blog on grocery store shenanigans by consumers right now related wholesale jerseys from china to the COVID 19but I will stick with gloves.

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The team's most consistent offensive threat the past five seasons, he can finish (32 goals in 2018 19) or facilitate and has become a better all around player. Top line centers aren't easy to come by. Larkin likely will be a Red Wing for a long time, perhaps his entire career and will surely be the next captain, possibly at the start of next season.