Max Kleven, who was the stuntman on “Naked City” and

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Montoursville erased two first half six point deficits before making three fourth quarter stops inside the 25 yard line, edging the Lancers, 21 19, and capturing its first District 4 Class AA championship since 2006. Victory was sealed when Curtis Miller intercepted a pass at the 1 yard line with two seconds remaining. That outgoing grass soon was trampled with jubilant Montoursville fans greeting their heroes as Montoursville celebrated one of its most joyous victories together..

Rising sea levels will also threaten many of the world estuaries. Some of these estuaries have valuable ecosystems within their mudflats, which are supported by the freshwater from the rivers. The encroachment of saltwater into this habitat could do irreparable damage to its habitants, causing mass extinction of some species.

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