Sullivan knows that such a charge would not be

Interestingly, Honda did issue a technical service bulletin about electrical mysteries. The bulletin suggested when all else fails, disconnect the battery and connect the positive and negative cables together for a few minutes. Like a home computer this clears the cache/memory and could solve the problem..

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They remained friends for many years. This pitted the two Montana congressmen against each other in an epic political battle that garnered national attention such as a spot on the Today Show. Ron lost to Pat Williams in an extremely close and well fought race.

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Police arrested Benito Cisheros, a former employee of Lopez's, but kicked him loose after determining he wasn't a suspect. They were also after a 40 year old man with a blue pickup truck. Officer Walter Harrington saw the man put the boxes in the alleyway, but didn't question him or even take down his license plate number..

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