In a statement, a spokeswoman said the company was

Any later, and you'd risk missing out on the peak earning years that typically occur in people's 40s and 50s. Will your two years away eliminate a currently strong network or reputation that will need to be rebuilt when you come back? Many people take extended time off from work for a variety of reasons, from parental leave to dealing with personal illness, and there are different degrees of challenges for reentry for each situation. Be prepared to encounter such a demanding situation on your return, knowing what you will face.

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The total size of Pakistan's economy in terms of dollars has decreased up wholesale jerseys to US$264 billion for outgoing fiscal year 2019 20 against revised estimates of US$279 billion. Meanwhile, Pakistan's per capita income had also nosedived into US$1,271 during the current fiscal year 2019 20 against US$1,363 for the last financial year 2018 19. The government has failed to achieve the GDP growth rate target as it stood negative at 0.4 percent against the estimated fixed target of positive 3.3 percent for the outgoing fiscal year.

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