The new car market wasn’t spared

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cheap jerseys And as everybody knows, you know, the market starts going down, things are changing really fast and here we are as new investors who are pretty highly leveraged as well and we've been successful finding deals. But we got so successful that we had a lot of deals coming in and we had to sort of step back and say, 'Alright, wait a second, you know, we need to understand why exactly are we doing this?' And so, you know, we kind of got honed in on what we need to build some income and have some more income properties instead of just flipping all the time.And so, that's been sort of my trend since then as to, you know, let's flip some to make some money, put some food on the table, but let's also by these long term properties, produce income, get them stable to where you can live off of it and do other things. Like, for me, traveling is really important cheap jerseys.