During the opening ceremony on Friday March 23rd

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Cheap Jerseys china In 2018, ECSEPS was affiliated with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) as an AASP international regional conference. This affiliation, along with several other initiatives implemented by the ECSEPS 2018 organizing committee, were the result of a forward thinking approach to the conference intended to serve the best interests of not only students and their supervisors, but also the broader community of knowledge users in this case, individuals who use research results to make informed decisions about programs, policies, or practices related cheap jerseys to sport, exercise, and health that may benefit from past, present, and future research by ECSEPS presenters. During the opening ceremony on Friday March 23rd, ECSEPS 2018 co chairs Jordan Lefebvre and Emilie Michalovic, PhD Candidates at McGill University, welcomed attendees to the conference and presented their mission statement:. Cheap Jerseys china

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