Nearly half reported sometimes or always feeling

But pandemics, like wars, offer an opportunity for such calls to work, precisely because they are perceived as necessary. If Trump was the nationalist many of his supporters think he is or, frankly, the dictator his foes take him for this would have been their moment. Trump refused to seize it because he needs domestic enemies to galvanize his base and rationalize his reelection.

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Mindy: I love that, 'Choosing intention over the twitch. I was out to dinner last night with my family and my daughter and I went to the bathroom. She said, 'Mom, did you see that table over there? Every kid is on their phones. In 1996, after a hiatus from his music career to concentrate on acting, Smith returned to music as a solo artist. His first album, Big Willie Style was a massive commercial success and launched the singles 'Getting' Jiggy Wit It' and 'Just The Two Of Us'. Will Smith's second solo album, released in 1999 was Willenium.

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"We're a pretty strong state and our people are pretty committed," Lombardi said. "The committee did a great job. They went out and talked to all their people, the wrestling people in the districts, all their coaches, and this was a real groundswell.