They also remember Adams saying he wants to play in

"Thrilling back and forth game with UNC. Big plays made all over the field at crucial times by both teams. This one featured an attempted "Air Gait" shot by long pole Chad Smith late in the game that failed, he stepped in the crease first. Our student loans, they were either alternating between being in deferment or paying the minimums. But I still kind of had that entrepreneurial burn, the kind of drive to want to do something different than just kind of sitting in a cubicle all day. During that time, I actually taught myself to write code and develop a software business where Actually, we secured contracts with different athletic programs throughout the US including Stanford, University of Florida, and it was right about that time where it could have gone well but this time around I was more afraid of failure because of the consequences of the last time..

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Furloughs and layoffs have hit sports staffs seemingly everywhere, from the Miner in Kingman, Ariz., to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review to the New York Post. Sports Illustrated cut nine employees, further gutting its staff after some 40 editorial employees were let go last year. Even onetime digital darlings such as SB Nation, one of the earliest and most successful sports websites, have not been immune..

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